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Category:Physical Sheltering items

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Chitin ShieldDink's Leather Wraps

Shield of the Scorpion

Full Plate of the Ringleader

Blademark's DocentDeneith Heavy Chain

Coat of the TravelerCowl of the Giant WarriorsDisciple of the DawnDreadcursed DefenderEmissary's StoneEmissary's VestmentsKindred SpiritLore-Fueled PackbannerMemory of Hiding in DarknessMist-laden VestmentPlatemail of the Barovian LordRing of NightfallScale-Stone of MaliceScales of MaliceSilverthread Cloak

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 12)

Blessed BulwarkBlessed VestmentsBronze Dragonscale PlateEnforcer's CoatEnforcer's PlateEnigma CoreEntropic HeartstoneIronheartOrder's GarbPlasma CoreThe Mark IVTurncoatUmbral SoulWatch Captain's PlatemailWildcardWildheartWildwood OutfitWildwood Vest

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 16)

Experiment GarbFeycraft MailGlass HeartRobes of the DreadkeeperSinsoulThe Blackmail

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 20)

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 24)

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 28)

Legendary Cowl of the Giant WarriorsLegendary Emissary's StoneLegendary Emissary's VestmentsLegendary Entropic HeartstoneLegendary Scale-Stone of MaliceLegendary Scales of MaliceUltimatum

Cerulean Guard

Legendary Coat of the TravelerLegendary Disciple of the DawnLegendary Dreadcursed DefenderLegendary Kindred SpiritLegendary Lore-Fueled PackbannerLegendary Memory of Hiding in DarknessLegendary Mist-laden VestmentLegendary Platemail of the Barovian LordLegendary Ring of NightfallLegendary Silverthread Cloak

Bracers of the MountainCoat of Van RichtenEcho of the IconMail of the MroranonMantle of EscherMemory of a Tailor's DuressNullscale ArmorPatience Through PerilPlatemail of StrahdVestments of Ravenloft

Legendary Blessed BulwarkLegendary Blessed VestmentsLegendary Bronze Dragonscale PlateLegendary Enforcer's CoatLegendary Enforcer's PlateLegendary Enigma CoreLegendary Experiment GarbLegendary Feycraft MailLegendary Feyweave RobeLegendary Glass HeartLegendary IronheartLegendary Order's GarbLegendary Plasma CoreLegendary Researcher's LeathersLegendary Robes of the DreadkeeperLegendary SinsoulLegendary TurncoatLegendary Umbral SoulLegendary Watch Captain's PlatemailLegendary WildcardLegendary WildheartLegendary Wildwood OutfitLegendary Wildwood VestThe Legendary BlackmailThe Legendary Grey LeathersThe Legendary Mark IV


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