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DDO wiki:Welcoming project

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Welcoming Committee is a project on wiki started in response to Korthos Greeter per my comment Hi, welcome to DDO. The goal is to create a central resource for information for anyone who's an experienced veteran of the game that wants to help new people get started in game and new players who want to know about this project that the awesome person that helped them was part of.

DWp Your user name is a member of the DDO Welcoming project.

If you've created a welcoming committee character on a server and would like to be listed on wiki as part of this wiki project, please add {{ DDO:User DWp }} to your user page someplace! Thanks!

Welcoming Character Bios[edit]

Snowy Side RP Bio[edit]

Greetings fine adventurer!

I am a dispatch from Harbormaster Zin, of Stormreach Harbor cordially inviting you to visit our great port.

There has been an abnormal spike in shipwrecks in the Korthos area of late, no doubt due to the kobold pirates of Three Barrel Cove!

Well, when it comes to adventure, Stormreach is the place to be! Want to check your mail? Want to speak with an auctioneer? Looking for level 2 or above hirelings to assist you in your adventures? You can't do that here but CAN in Stormreach Harbor! House Kundarak has even pitched in to provide all new adventurers with their own bank space and that can't be accessed in this backwater! Heh.

Worried about danger in the tough streets of Stormreach? Don't be! It is a completely public area devoid of danger. You can leave the Snowy side of Korthos and return to the Sunny side and do any quest you want here in the same way PLUS group with experienced players.

Speak to Valeria now at the Korthos docks and talk to her again to return!

Sunny Side Bio[edit]

Welcome to DDO!

DDO is a game that has its roots in the venerable granddaddy of all role playing games - Dungeons and Dragons. Many of us have loved the worlds in the game from our youth and look forward to sharing them with you.

I am a lowly messenger from Stormreach with some initial words of advice from your fellow players!

- try to join a group or start one in the social panel
- when in group, be sure to switch to the 'Party' chat tab in the chat window to talk with your group
- let others know you are new to a quest, experienced adventurers will be happy to help!
- join a guild - or make one!

One reason we love this game is how incredibly deep it is. There is a lot to know young grass-hopper. Start on your path by enjoying the game and if you have questions,feel free to ask in chat.

Other info sources:
Youtube walkthroughs
DDOCast and DDO Players Podcasts
DDO Gamer and other blogs
A Letter to New Players -

Above all-have fun!

See you in game

"A Letter to New Players"[edit]

If you start at level 1, its easier for you to get to know the basic game concepts.  DDO doesn't have the easiest learning curve but after a little while, all things get clearer. 
If you decide to start at level 15 on an iconic toon, the pace will be much faster but it can also be a real fun way to start.

On your first life I recommend maxing your class stat and then constitution. Take Toughness feat(s) to allow you to have more HP.
It's going to be easier for you to learn new quests by having a health margin for mistakes you will make.

DDOwiki is your compass, your guide, your best friend.  Use it to find the next quest to do and take advantage of the maps.

Cubicle Ninja is a great tool with tons of crafting recipes and puzzle solvers.

You can ask questions to others by typing /advice and then your question in any public instance you are in.
As mentioned in a previous thread, the Welcome channel is also a good place to ask questions to others, its a public channel open to all <server> players.
In your chat bar type: /joinchannel welcome You will see a notification telling you that you joined the channel.
Then create a new chat window where outgoing text is set to userchat1 and you are in the channel.

DDO is definitely a game worth playing.  Sure. some are gonna say the graphics are outdated; however, the new quests and expansion packs show constant improvements in graphics. DDO is about content, character customization, and teamwork.  The overall game is well balanced and the developers adjust the game well over time with each update.  Those of you who played pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons will recognize some concepts from the 3.5 edition on which the game is based upon.  And then its developing concepts of its own to adapt to an MMORPG game environment.  You can either be a free-to-play player or invest into the game. DDO has a few incentives here and there to buy things but overall the game respects players who don't want to invest a lot and still allows them to be competitive.

Orien is the default server of the game at this moment to help the server grow.
Our server is always looking for more passionate players. We already have a good solid player base.  The raiding scene is doing okay but needs reinforcements.
Log on, let the game enchant you and come strengthen our ranks...

Welcome to <server>.

Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons online.