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Double Rainbow

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Double Rainbow is a benefit you gain from being in Prism stance from the Shiradi Champion Epic Destiny. It gives you a 7% chance to produce a random effect every time you attack with either a spell, a ranged attack or a throwing weapon. The list of effects is extensive with some effects occurring frequently, others occurring rarely.

These effects are also produced by the epic past life Colors of the Queen. Unlike the benefit from Shiradi Champion, this effect only occurs at most once every [30/20/10] seconds (based on the number of past lives), but it works with any attack.

Effects are added and removed from this list with every patch, so some of these effects may no longer proc; please use the Discussion page to relate this information. Thus, this list is not a complete guide to what the ability does: instead, it merely acts as a guide of what it does in general.

Double Rainbow Effects[edit]

  • Note: Effects added have been tested in game. Abilities with no known additional sources are unique effects found nowhere else in the game (that we know of). All effects appear to have varying duration,and have been rounded to the nearest 5 seconds.

Caster level for all effects appears to be high: Unfortunately I am unable to test the caster level. Spell power may or may not have an effect, listed are likely candidates.

Effect Name

Effect Duration Effect Classification Effect Details Additional Sources of Effect Affected by Spell Power
Arcane Blast Instant Direct damage AOE force damage centered on target. Radius is small. Arcane Blast Impulse
Bear trap (Rope) 15 seconds CC Snares the target, preventing any sort of action. None known N/A
Bebilith Venom 30 seconds DOT Poison damage over time (Does not show up as your effects) Bebilith Impulse
Bees of Xoriat 1 minute DOT Piercing damage every second ~40 per tick Xy'zzy Unknown
Bewildering Blow 20 seconds Debuff Target cannot cast spells Many monsters, for example, Vulkoorim Adept N/A
Black Dragon Bolt 5 seconds DOT As per spell Black Dragon Bolt Corrosion
Burning 5 Seconds DOT 1d6 fire damage every second Inferno Shot Unknown
Burning Blood Unknown DOT As per spell Burning Blood Combustion, Corrosion
Cometfall (Dud) Instant Dud Visual effect, but no damage or knockdown. Cometfall N/A
Dismember 20 seconds CC Slows the target's attack speed (arm) or movement speed (leg). Dismember N/A
Do You Like Pain? 10 seconds Debuff -10 AC Do You Like Pain? N/A
Dragon Fire 20 seconds DOT Fire damage over time (50-100 average) None known Unknown
Feedback 20 seconds Reactive Damage 10d10 force damage on target casting spell Feedback Impulse
Festering Wound 5 seconds Debuff -50% Incoming healing Festering Wound N/A
Flame Strike (Dud) Instant Dud Burns webs, but does no damage Flame Strike N/A
Flesh to Stone ~2 minutes CC As per spell Flesh to Stone N/A
Frog Instant CC Target receives finger of death graphic and ceases existing. Kill is counted and spawns one Frog. (CR is affected by dungeon scaling.) Mass Frog N/A
Friends of Nature (Dud) Instant Dud Summons a small fuzzy animal that wanders around nearby. Gives no buff, as opposed to ones summoned by the ED. Friends of Nature N/A
Greater Command 15 seconds CC As per spell Greater Command N/A
Greater Dispel Magic Instant Debuff As per spell Greater Dispel Magic N/A
The Growing Storm 15 Seconds Reactive Debuff/Buff On Hit: Gains +1 damage, -2 armor class, stacks up to 10 times The Growing Storm N/A
Heartseeker Poison Instant Direct damage -5% Current health Heartseeker Poison N/A
Hellball Instant Direct damage Sonic, Acid, Electric, Cold and Fire damage. Hellball Unknown
Howler Quills 1 minute DOT Piercing damage every 2 seconds, -1 saves, skill checks and to-hit. Stacks up to 10 times. Constructs are immune to the damage. Howler Unknown
Howl of Terror 15 seconds CC Target is terrified and stands in place. Howl of Terror N/A
Improved Sunder 20 seconds Debuff -5 AC, -10% fortification. N/A Improved sunder
Kobold Costume 2 minutes Misc No effect, visible or otherwise. (Does not show up as your effects) None known N/A
Loathing of the Queen 5 minutes Debuff -6 to all ability scores, -50% incoming healing Audience with the Queen N/A
Mines Instant Misc Places a pressure mine, common types include web and lightning damage. Trapmaking N/A
Mummy's Curse 1 minute Debuff Lowers incoming healing by 50%. Mummy N/A
Nail Chewing Maggots 1 minute DOT Physical damage over time Blood Plate Impulse
Otto's Whistler 15 seconds CC Target dances for duration of effect. Otto's Whistler N/A
Paralytic Injection 5 seconds CC Target is helpless and paralyzed. Drow Warrior N/A
Portable Hamstorm Instant Misc Spawns a pig on an explosive barrel, barrel counts as a breakable and drops 50 Tasty Ham along the radius of the blast zone None known N/A
Powerful Spider Demon Venom 2 minutes DOT Large amounts of unholy damage every 12 seconds The Spinner of Shadows Radiance
Prismatic Ray Instant/Permanent Direct damage/CC As per spell (Noteworthy effects include permanent flesh-to-stone, instant death, permanent fear...) Prismatic Ray Greatest of Combustion, Corrosion, or Magnetism
Quench 60 seconds Direct Damage/Debuff As per spell Quench Glaciation
Ravager's Cut 10 seconds DOT 2d6 slashing damage per second vs creatures that can bleed. Ravager N/A
Silver Flame Exorcism 30 seconds DOT As per feat (good damage over time) ~20 damage average Silver Flame Exorcism Radiance
DNT Stunning Blow 5 seconds CC No save stun, target is helpless None known N/A
Sunburst Instant Direct damage As per spell (deals about 250 damage without spell power) Sunburst Radiance
Tactical Detonation (Knockdown portion) 20 seconds CC As per spell Tactical Detonation N/A
Tsunami 10 seconds CC Knockdown, and small amount of cold and bludgeoning damage Tsunami Glaciation, Impulse
Unknown exhuastion effect[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Unknown exhuastion effect" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] 2 minutes CC Target is exhausted Unknown N/A
Unknown fire damage effect[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Unknown fire damage effect" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] Instant Direct damage Inflicts 500 fire damage None known, although it resembles Strike Down's extra fire damage N/A
Unknown poison damage spell[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Unknown poison damage spell" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] Instant Direct damage Inflicts a large amount of poison damage to target. ~250 damage average. None known Impulse
Unknown sonic aura spell (dud)[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Unknown sonic aura spell (dud)" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] Instant Dud Expanding white aura around target, no visible effect, does not show up in combat log. None known (seen around crystal cove) N/A
Web Line Trip 5 seconds CC Target is tripped Drider N/A
Xorian Heartburn 30 seconds DOT Small amount of untyped damage over time Delirium Unknown

Possible effects[edit]

  • Unverified fire damage: Strike down (single target), incinerate,
  • Exhaustion effect: Ray of exhaustion, waves of exhaustion
  • Sonic blast-like effect: Effect that happens every 30 seconds by crystal cove to adjust enemy levels based on nearby players.