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Epic Destiny Point

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Epic destiny points are Action Points that you can spend to purchase epic destiny abilities.

Similar to heroic character levels, Epic Destiny levels are sub-divided into 5 ranks. The first four ranks per level award one Epic Destiny point for that specific Epic Destiny. The fifth rank means level-up (i.e. new innate destiny ability) and does not award a destiny point.

You may spend these EDPs on various epic abilities such as the Magister's tier one ability:

Unearthly Reactions.gif
Unearthly Reactions: Passive Bonus: +[1/2/3] dodge, +[2/4/6] reflex. At rank 3 when you tumble, you will phase out from reality briefly, passing through enemies as you do so.
EDP Cost: 1 Ranks: 3 Progression: 0 No requirements

You may also spend EDPs to advance certain abilities to rank II and III for a more powerful effect, as seen above. After spending enough points you unlock the second tier of more powerful abilities, then eventually the third, and so forth. This progression continues until you hit Epic Destiny level 5 and max out at 24 epic destiny points.