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Stormreach Chronicle 8

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 8 - House Kundarak Opens New Port, Littering Runs Rampant![edit]


Message in a Bottle
Enjoying a quiet outing with a lady friend on the recently opened Kundarak Beachfront, I was suddenly attacked! Not the usual sort of assault that a titan of warfare such as myself is used to, this was much more dastardly! After letting out a sharp yelp which scared my date half to death, I sat down to assess the damage. What do my eyes behold? A bottle? Attacked by a bottle? These litterers are getting out of control, the Coin Lords really should crack down on the crime in this city, and fines for littering should be the front line! After picking the glass out of my tender foot, a blood soaked message caught my eye. 'Duergar attack ... resort dreams crushed ... daughter held hostage ... Ataraxia’s Haven ... Help!' Daughter held hostage?! If only my foot wasn’t injured, I won’t be able to adventure for at least a month now. She’s probably not that attractive anyway.

Tangled Tales of Sorrow
I recently made a stop by the One-eared Bugbear Tavern for the finest ale in all of Stormreach. I typically make this trek every few weeks to visit my good friend Acolai and to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. While there, I heard some frightening stories. Lost barmaids, wandering giants, spider queens? I thought to myself, 'This isn’t the Tangleroot I know.' Another adventurer relayed stories of similar occurrences happening in Sorrowdusk Isle. It sounds like these areas have become more dangerous, adventurers use caution.

Stormreach Ink
There has been an increase in the number of interesting facial markings appearing on adventurers around Stormreach. It is the job of this intrepid reporter to get the scoop for you folks. My search brought me to the Hall of the Mark in the Harbor. While there I attempted to ask some questions, but they had no answers for me, they just asked me questions in return. How rude! While there, I did notice quite a few books strewn about the room that would shed some light on the subject, however I couldn’t be bothered to read past the first page. What I was able to gather was that those whose veins flow with the blood of the great houses may have the power to manifest dragonmarks, which are potent symbols of draconic prophecy. I don’t know about power or prophecies, but wow those things are sharp looking!


My dear Thanolin, it has been so long. Oh how I miss thee. Please stop hanging around your old haunts and come back to me.

Missing: My pet scorpion Schenker has been gone for quite some time. Please contact me with any information. - Frobee Redmace