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Base price modifier

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History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a subject that no longer exists in-game.
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Base price modifier is displayed in the top right corner (+4)

The base price modifier (BPM) of an item is determined by its enhancement bonus. A +4 Full Plate, a +4 Chainshirt or a +4 Dagger all have a base price modifier of 4. Every special enchantment adds to the value of the item.

This concept only applies to randomly-generated items before Update 29. Cannith Crafted items use a similar value, see Enchantment Level.

The base price modifier of an item affects many things:

For a list of values for specific enchantments, visit the weapon enchantments, armor enchantments, shield enchantments and clothing enchantments pages.


  • When the level cap was 20, the maximum base price modifier in the game was 11 (higher value items would not be equippable by level 20 characters).
    • Some caster-related weaponry goes above +11, as some caster effects have very high costs, without having higher min levels. As well as race required items above +11, as they lower the minimum level.
  • A race-only item's minimum level is decreased by 2, but not its base price modifier.
  • Minimum level requirement for an item is (base price modifier * 2) - 2.
  • Some items mutate to a few steps higher value than they should, due to having higher Durability and Hardness than normal. These items usually stick out in pawn shops, like a "+1 Longsword" in the pawn shop that sells +3 weapons. These items are almost always race restricted.
  • The material of an item has no effect on its base price modifier. e.g. +1 Mithral Brigandine, +1 Adamantine Chain Shirt and +1 Breastplate all have a base price modifier of 1.
    • The material does add to the base price of the item, but the minimum required level doesn't change.


A +3 Holy Burst Silver Kama of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane has a total base price modifier of 10:

Thus, with a modifier of 10, the minimum level requirement for it is 18.

If it was a dwarf-only weapon, the minimum level requirement drops by 2 for a total of 16.