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Curse of the Void

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Icon Feat Curse of the Void.png
Curse of the Void


Finishing Move: Any Void Strike attack → any Fists of Darkness attack → any Void Strike attack → Finishing Move activator.

You strike your opponent down with a terrible curse, confusing their mind and rendering them unable to recognize their friends. Your attack may charm your opponents for a short period of time (approximately 1 minute).

A successful Will save negates this effect (DC10 + Monk level + Wisdom modifier).

Each time the target takes damage there is a chance that they will break free of this effect.

There is no limit to the number of charmed foes at any one time.


This feat is automatically given to any Monk at level 10. However, as Fists of Darkness is needed to activate, the feat can only be used by Monks that choose the Path of Inevitable Dominion and are sufficiently trained in Henshin Mystic's Elemental Words to activate Void Strike.

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