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Slave Lords Crafting

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Bring me relics of your battles with the Slave Lords. Then, by order of Dame Gold, I shall forge mighty items for you!

Crafting NPC[edit]

Garvon <Armorer and Outfitter>

  • Located within the the Forsaken Temple (the part 1 quest location), right inside the quest entrance, safely before any challenging encounters.
    • Note: Since there actually are both Heroic and Epic tiers for these upgrades, depending on which version of the instance you are in, you get different version of the barter UI and recipe listing. Everything is listed on this one page here for convenience.

Related items[edit]

Base items[edit]

There is an item that drops in each dungeon (in small chests and the end chest). Each item can be equipped in two possible equipment slots (so 7 slots in all, as you can equip 2 rings).

Name Icon Slots ML Bind Obtained from
Chains / Legendary Chains icon.png Waist/Neck  ♦8Normal ●28Epic BtA Small chests, end chests. Common drop (20-30%) on LE.
Shackles / Legendary Shackles icon.png Wrist/Feet
Five Rings / Legendary Five Rings icon.png Trinket/Ring


There are eight different ingredients that drop in the small chests and end chest throughout the quests.

Ingredient Icon Bind Obtained from Used for
Broken Shackle Broken Shackle icon.png Broken Shackle Unbound Part 1
  • Small chests and end chests, common drop
  • Amount of  ♦1-2Normal ♥2-20Hard ♠10-30Elite
Rarely up to 30 as a bingo reward
  • As a choice from a chain reward list, in stack of 25
Blue Gem icon.png Prefix/Blue GemYellow Gem icon.png Extra 2/Yellow GemBlack Gem icon.png Augment Slot/Black GemSilver Gem icon.png Set bonus/Silver Gem
Chain Links Chain Links icon.png Chain Links Part 2 Red Gem icon.png Suffix/Red GemYellow Gem icon.png Extra 2/Yellow GemBlack Gem icon.png Augment Slot/Black GemSilver Gem icon.png Set bonus/Silver Gem
Broken Collar Broken Collar icon.png Broken Collar Part 3 Green Gem icon.png Extra/Green GemYellow Gem icon.png Extra 2/Yellow GemBlack Gem icon.png Augment Slot/Black GemSilver Gem icon.png Set bonus/Silver Gem
Shattered Symbol of the Slave Lords Shattered Symbol icon.png Shattered Symbol of the Slave Lords BtA Part 1
  • Small chests and end chests, uncommon drop
  • Amount of  ♦1-2Normal ♥??Hard ♠6-11?Elite
  • As a choice from a chain reward list, in stack of 8
Silver Gem icon.png Set bonus/Silver Gem
Frayed Leather Frayed Leather icon.png Frayed Leather Part 2 Yellow Gem icon.png Extra 2/Yellow Gem
Staff Splinter Staff Splinter icon.png Staff Splinter Part 3 Black Gem icon.png Augment Slot/Black Gem
Statuette to the Gods Statuette to the Gods icon.png Statuette to the Gods BtA All parts Small chests and end chests, very rare +1 Mythic upgrade to Crafted Gear
Slave Master's Bust Slave Master's Bust icon.png Slave Master's Bust BtA Small chests and end chests, extremely rare +3 Mythic upgrade to non-mythic Named Gear

Upgrading Gems[edit]

These Gems come in 6 colors (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Black/Silver). They are direct purchase from the crafting NPC using above raw ingredients as currency. These are then used in the same NPC's barter UI to perform an upgrade on an item. These will allow you to add on a prefix, suffix, extra, bonus, an augment slot, and a Set bonus (the Set Bonus will be crafted onto the named items as well, each item can only count for 1 of the sets). The gems are Bound to Account, go into the Ingredients Bag, do not have the color in their names, and have inconsistent names (i.e. "Slaver's Spellsight," "Slaver Constitution," and "Slave Lord's Might," so be careful what search strings you use when hunting for them)

Once applied, these Gems can not be removed or overwritten. See below Recipes section for details.

Named items[edit]

Named items dropping throughout the quest chain also can be considered part of this crafting. However, these are not much "customizable", rather are simple upgrade paths adding Set Bonuses. See Update 32 named items for the full list.


  • example level 8 finished item: [1]
  • example level 28 finished item: [2]

Here are the effects possible for each slot:

Group Enchantment name Enchantment value Ingredient cost
Heroic Legendary Heroic Legendary
Blue Gem icon.png
Attributes +5 +17
False Life +18 +68
Fortification +70% +185%
Sheltering +12 +45
Wizardry +96 +371
Red Gem icon.png
Accuracy +8 +28
Armor Piercing +8 +28
Damage Guards +2d8 +8d8
Deadly +4 +14
Deception (no bluff effect) +3 +14
Resistance +4 +14
Seeker +5 +17
Spell Lore (single type) (Equipment Bonus) +10 +27
Spell Power (single type) (Equipment Bonus) +70 +185
Green Gem icon.png
Skills (except UMD) +10 +22
UMD +1 +7
Shatter +6 +20
Spell Focus Mastery +2 +6
Spell Penetration +2 +7
Stunning +6 +20
Tendon Slice +4 +14
Vertigo +6 +20
Yellow Gem icon.png

Note: In the Heroic version of the barter window, the values displayed are incorrect for Quality Attributes, Quality Fortification, and Quality False Life. These are the correct values.

Quality Attributes +1 +4
Quality False Life +4 +16
Quality Fortification +17% +45%
Quality MRR +2 +11
Quality PRR +2 +11
Quality Skills +2 +5
Augment Slot addition
Black Gem icon.png
Green Augment SlotBlue AugmentsYellow AugmentsColorless Augments
Blue Augment SlotBlue AugmentsColorless Augments
Yellow Augment SlotYellow AugmentsColorless Augments
Colorless Augment SlotColorless Augments

Remember, all Augment slots allow you to insert Colorless augments as well.

Set bonus addition
Silver Gem icon.png
Slave Lord's Might
Slave Lord's Sorcery
Slave's Endurance
Mythic upgrades * Mythic Boost +1 +1
Mythic Boost +3 +3
  • The Mythic upgrades can be applied on named items and then can have 2 mythic bonus, 1 by drop and 1 applied (confirmed on a spinneret on live). Note: That you do not get a benefit from both (Ring of Power U35). That bonus can be overidden with a new one too.

Set bonuses[edit]

You can also add a set bonus to preset named items that drop as is and listed above. Preset items and crafted items all count toward the following set bonuses. And here are the 3 possible sets:

Name Heroic Legendary
3 pieces 5 pieces 3 pieces 5 pieces
Slave Lord's Might
Slave Lord's Sorcery
Slave's Endurance