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Combat Expertise

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Icon Feat Combat Expertise.png
Combat Expertise


Defensive Combat Stance: While using Combat Expertise mode, you suffer -5 to your attack rolls but gain +10% feat bonus to Armor Class. Spells have three times their normal cooldown when this mode is active. Combat Expertise dispels and wards against all Rage effects.

(Note: The in-game description incorrectly implies that the to-hit and AC modifiers are limited by your Base Attack Bonus, and the AC bonus type is unspecified.)


Spell like abilities are not subjected to the increased cooldown

This feat does not replace the basic Defensive Fighting stance granted automatically to all characters with a BAB of at least +1. However, it is generally better than Defensive Fighting, and only one stance can be active at a time.

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Post requisite[edit]

This feat is required for Improved Trip, Whirlwind Attack, and Legendary Dreadnought's Improved Combat Expertise as well as Tactical Genius. It is also one of possible requirements for Bow Strength.