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Category:Monster Manual/Wraith

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Name Image Farm Locations
Arkasic Dryden Arkasic Dryden.jpg
Ashok Khalidan Ashok Khalidan.jpg
Callin Fornan Callin Fornan.jpg
Cellar Spirit Cellar Spirit.jpg
Colvis Hammercrush Colvis Hammercrush.jpg
Darek Garent Darek Garent.jpg
Death Hex Wraith Death Hex Wraith.jpg
Deathshade Deathshade.jpg
Deceived Spirit No pic.jpg
Delera Omaren Delera Omaren (wraith).jpg
Dolores Dolores.jpg
Dread Hex Wraith No pic.jpg
Dread Wraith Dread Wraith.jpg
Dread Wraith Lord No pic.jpg
Dread Wraith Pratol Dread Wraith Pratol.jpg
Dread Wraith Wizard No pic.jpg
Edeva Yllka No pic.jpg
Forsaken Wraith Forsaken Wraith.jpg
Hand of Olladra Hand of Olladra.jpg
Horus Hammercrush Horus Hammercrush.jpg
Jack Jibbers Jack Jibbers.jpg
Keeper Wraith No pic.jpg
Kervan Naret Kervan Naret.jpg
Marguerite Dryden Marguerite Dryden.jpg
  • Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt — Extremely hard to kill (Very large elemental resistances and DR  ♦100Normal ♥100Hard ♠100Elite/-) but luckily she doesn't need to be. The aim is to avoid the monster and get someone out of the dungeon as fast as you can. Try distracting her and have one fast runner get to the switches, levers, and exit.
  • Endgame: Marguerite — Depending on the decisions you make in your conversation, you may or may not have to fight her.
Morrigan XiRazdyn Morrigan XiRazdyn.jpg
Shade of Agony Shade of Agony.jpg
Shade of Despair Shade of Despair.jpg
Shade of Destruction Shade of Destruction.jpg
Shade of Hatred Shade of Hatred.jpg
Shade of Madness Shade of Madness.jpg
Shadow Guard Shadow Guard.jpg
Shadow King Shadow King.jpg
Shadow Knight Shadow Knight.jpg
Shadow Lord Shadow Lord.jpg
Shrouded Terror No pic.jpg
Shrouded Terror Mage No pic.jpg
Soul-Lock Guardian No pic.jpg
  • Free Delera — One guarding each of the four first soul locks.
The Soulless Warrior The Soulless Warrior.jpg
Timoty Jorem No pic.jpg
Vault Guardian (wraith) Vault Guardian (Wraith).jpg
Waine Brousch Waine Brousch.jpg
Wraith Wraith.jpg

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